Entry De-Icing Starter Kit


Prepare yourself this winter by making front entrances of buildings, homes, campuses, offices, etc. slip-free zones, while eliminating the damage that tracking granular salts in entryways has on high-value flooring with this Entry De-Icing Starter Kit.

The Entry De-Icing Starter Kit includes the following items:

  • 2 x Entry Chloride-Free Liquid De-Icing Containers - 9.45 Litres (2.5 US Gallons) each
  • 1 x Chapin 26021XP ProSeries Sprayer - 7.6 Litre (2 US Gallon) capacity
  • 1 x TeeJet TP8004EVS Visiflo Even Flat Fan Spray Nozzle

Entry is a revolutionary chloride-free, non-toxic, anti-icing fluid that melts thin layers of ice and snow almost instantly without the worries of tracking chloride salt indoors. Tracking salt indoors is the main problem property owners / managers and other people taking care of properties have, since it damages high-value flooring, such as marble, granite, tile, and hardwood floors. Tracking salt indoors also has an adverse effect on our pets and the environment and is extremely costly to clean up.

Entry Demonstration Video




Affirm WDG Fungicide Receives Registration in Canada!

GPS Precision Guided Spraying

Prevents gaps, overspray and skips by controlling each nozzle independently


Turf Keeper

TurfKeeper is a web based portal that provides turf industry professionals a fully integrated operations

and management solution. Designed by turf industry professionals, the system, in a completely personalised, single environment, provides turf

 managers complete control over and insight into staff management, task planning, machinery;

management, inventory control, chemical applications planning and recording, and budgeting & expense management. With detailed reporting on all areas 

readily available, and a resource library provision, the system becomes the home of all turf management planning, actions, and facility history.


Secure Fungicide 


Product Overview

A unique class of multi-site contact fungicide

Secure® fungicide is a multi-site contact fungicide, in a unique chemical class, for golf courses. It contains the active ingredient, fluazinam, and is the only registered fungicide for turf in FRAC group 29. It has no known resistance and as a multi-site contact, it has very low risk of developing resistance.

Secure is the ideal rotation partner with Daconil® Action™ fungicide for season-long protection against the toughest turf diseases with no interruptions. Now, systemic fungicides no longer replace your contact applications, but rather compliment for inside out protection.

Secure not only provides superior protection against dollar spot, but also controls 10 additional turf diseases. It even controls dollar spot that is resistant to other chemistries.

Key Features

          Unique multi-site contact active ingredient.

Excellent control of dollar spot and 10 additional turf diseases

Controls dollar spot that is resistant to other chemistries

 Unique chemical class aids resistance management

Key Benefits

Perfect rotation partner with Daconil Action for season long contact protection

 Perfect partner with systemics for inside out protection

Secure Fungicide Technical Information


Capillary Concrete

Capillary Concrete™ is the only sports base that moves water in two directions and is strong enough to form an edge.

This is the secret behind Capillary Concrete’s unique ability to keep bunkers in great shape regardless of weather conditions. Capillary Concrete™ will virtually eliminate wash-outs, soil contamination, plugged ball lies and other bunker maintenance problems.


SpotOn Sprayer Calibrator

The Spot On Spray Tip Calibrator is an innovative and highly effective digital spray tip tester that provides accurate spray nozzle output readings in roughly 10 seconds.






Boarder T&0


Border T&O – Get more out of every spray

  • Border T O is a performance spray tank adjuvant, new from Precision Labs
  • Will enhance leaf blade coverage, reduce target runoff , prevent water droplet bounce
  • Acts as a coagulant to form larger droplets, optimizing spray nozzle angles and loss due to wind
  • Application rate would be 1.5 litres per 100 gallons of spray solution based on spray tank pressure between 30 and 50 psi.
  • Case size 19 litres
  • Suitable for use with every conceivable tank mix, increase efficacy of all products
  • References available upon request, if you were interested.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEzS0Hh_zAo