JRM Tines & Bedknives

About JRM Inc. Products

At JRM Inc., our goal is to provide the turfgrass maintenance industry with the finest products possible. We are committed to continually challenge the current technology and the quality of materials and design. We are also focused on developing new and unique products that will improve the golf maintenance industry and ease the task of maintaining and improving your golf course. When you use a JRM product, we understand that you are placing great trust in us as well as our products.

JRM’s field of expertise is not solely contained to the golf course. Our products also serve as a valuable tool for landscapers, particularly our Aerivator tine (2A625101), and our closed spoon tines (1N100103, 1N750102). We also service sports fields and race tracks as there are several professional sports teams and major race tracks across the country that are regular JRM customers.

JRM Inc. pioneered the development of the longest lasting conventional aerification tine available today, the DILLENNIUM® tine. In early 1995, JRM engineers embarked on a development program that extended over several years. The goal was to create a tubular conventional aerification tine that would last a minimum of 18 greens under the most challenging soil conditions. This goal was realized in early 1998 with the introduction of the DILLENNIUM® tine. The DILLENNIUM® tines outlasted its OEM counterpart by a factor of seven or eight to one making the DILLENNIUM® tine the most economical tine on the market. A DILLENNIUM® tine is, in a word, value. The development of this tine has revolutionized the aerification process.

In addition to our flagship DILLENNIUM® tine, JRM offers a Premium tine as an alternative. The Premium tine is identical to the corresponding DILLENNIUM® tine in every way except that it does not have our trademarked carbide tip. In late 2002, JRM began research and development to engineer a top-of-the-line greens mower bedknife. Our engineers discovered a new way to manufacture bedknives through coining, and after five years of intense development, our process was proven out, and a patent was issued. The coining process allows us to displace super-compressed steel molecules into the strike point of the bedknife to lessen wear. Combined with our unique DURANIUM-801® steel, JRM bedknives are stronger and more durable than any OEM bedknives on the market. Our bedknives will also extend reel life due to reduced sharpening and backlapping.

Selecting the Correct Tine

There are several important characteristics that one should keep in mind when deciding which JRM tine to order. Most JRM tines when compared to an OEM tine have a wall that is slightly thicker. This is necessary to provide the extra wear and strength. Because of the increased wall thickness and the resulting slightly smaller core diameter (ID), it is often desirable to select a JRM tine that is one size above the OEM tine you have historically used. For example, instead of a 1/2” OEM coring tine, one might wish to use a 5/8” JRM tine. First, decide what “core diameter” you would like to have and then find the closest corresponding ID and you have found your tine.

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