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BANOL® turf fungicide delivers preventative and curative systemic protection against Pythium species associated with Blight and Dampening-off, with very low potential for resistance.

INTERFACE STRESSGARD™ provides flexible, effective disease control under all conditions and mitigates plant stress. The combination of iprodione, trifloxystrobin and Stressgard Formulation Technology provides a solution for diseases and plant stresses under hot, cool, wet or dry conditions. As a non-DMI fungicide, Interface can be applied throughout the year without harmful plant growth regulator effects, and helps control DMI-resistant plant pathogens. Interface delivers effective control of key diseases, provides plant health benefits and improves turf colour and quality.

ALIETTE SIGNATURE is a unique, highly systemic fungicide that represents an invaluable tool in preventing diseases related to stress like the Pythiums spp. With its complex mode of action, Aliette is also known to improve turf quality by enhancing the plants defense mechanisms and vigour.

COMPASS strobilurin fungicide and its revolutionary mesostemic mode of activity delivers highly effective broad-spectrum tufgrass disease control at very low rates for maximium value. Compass 50WG possesses a very strong affinity with the plant surface and therefore binds tightly to turf.

DELTAGARD is a newly registered, highly effective, fast acting contact insecticide to control Chinch Bug, Cutworm, Ants, and Sodweb worm in turf. DeltaGard, is a third generation synthetic pyrethroid that in addition to formulation improvements provides, superior knockdown activity at much lower use rates than exhibited in previous generations of this insecticide family.


EXTERIS STRESSGARD® is a new fungicide in the SDHI class of chemistry that is combined with trifloxystrobin to provide long-lasting, preventative and curative control of foliar turf diseases including dollar spot, brown patch, and leaf spot. The unique formulation delivers enhanced plant health benefits along with improved turf quality. The flexibility of Exteris Stressgard allows for applications throughout the year and under a wide variety of environmental conditions.

MERIT has fast become the standard and proven insecticide for grub control on a wide range of turf surfaces. Merit through its active ingredient imidacloprid has many features that have made it the first choice for professional turf managers. Merit is available in 2 formulations: Merit Solupack (75% Wettable Powder in soluble bag) and Merit Granular (ready-to-use granular.)

  MIRAGE Stressgard provides control of major diseases affecting cool season turfgrass areas including fairways, greens and tees. Tebuconazole powered by Stressgard Formulation Technology provides a great solution for tough diseases, while minimizing negative turf growth regulator effects that are seen with other DMI fungicides. University and field trials show consistent performance and turf safety on cool-season species including: annual bluegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, creeping bentgrass, and perennial ryegrass.

SEVIN T&O provides excellent control of surface feeding insects and is a suitable tool for IPM (integrated pest management) programs. It is an outstanding curative insect control material (after the problem has been determined), has a short soil residual, and a favourable applicator and environmental record.

Triton SC™ with StressGard™ formulation technology offers the systemic, broad spectrum disease control of a turf DMI fungicide while providing unprecedented turf quality and unbeatable protection against the stress your turf faces.

Exclusively designed for Canadian golf superintendents, Trilogy SC™ turf fungicide with StressGard technology combines winter long triple protection against snow moulds. Trilogy SC also offers improved turf quality for your fairways while reducing the total amount of active ingredients.