SEGWAY is a new and  highly effective fungicide for control of Pythium blight, Pythium root dysfunction and Pythium damping off. New and novel mode of action – group 21 fungicide. Segway controls at all stages of Pythium disease development and is a long lasting super protectant.

Read and follow label directions at all times
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PHOSTROL ® is an extremely systemic and unique phosphite fungicide that has both a direct and indirect effect on harmful oomycete diseases on a broad range of crops. On turfgrass, Phostrol provides an effective, convenient and flexible tool for the management of Pythium blight. Phostrol contains three distinct phosphites (mono- and dibasic sodium, potassium and ammonium phosphites) which are blended for improved availability to the plant.

RENOVO is a broad-spectrum, systemic fungicide that provides cost effective control of dollar spot, pink snow and other tough turf diseases. Renovo is also the only group 1 fungicide available for use in turf making it a valuable rotational partner. Cut cost, not control with Renovo.

THE FAIRWAY SNAKE is a tool engineered specially for the quick and easy removal of dew from fairways. The Fairway Snake’s weighted core and braided shell provide strength and flexibility. While the spinning end-unit attachments ensure its gentle on turf as it quickly and effortless cleans fairways in a single pass. Built to work and built to last.

MUNGER VINEGAR liquid herbicide for non-selective vegetation control in and around garden, established trees and shrubs, sidewalks, driveways, patio, non-crop areas, right-of way and industrial land sites. Leaves no harmful residue in the soil

KABUTO 400SC is a new fungicide for the control of Dollar Spot on professional turf.  Kabuto 400SC is a next generation SDHI fungicide that contains the active ingredient Isofetamid, which is new and unique to North America.