Evergreen Turf Covers


No other cover performs like Evergreen or looks like Evergreen. Since 1985, Evergreen has been protecting established greens and accelerating turf growth for new course construction. With an expected life of 10 years, the original Evergreen comes with a 7 year warranty.

  • Exclusive material used only in the turf industry.
  • Designed to give 7 - 10 years performance.
  • Ideal daily use for frost protection.
  • Installs and removes in 10 - 15 minutes using only 2 - 3 people.
  • Quick germination.
  • Stronger and earlier root development.
  • Vented to allow perfect air, water and light penetration.
  • Eliminates damaging winter foot or animal traffic.
  • Reduces the usage of water or chemicals.
  • Allows greens to open earlier.
  • Eliminates spring clean up costs.
  • Non-absorbing or clogging, keeps the same high performance year after year.

When it comes to getting your greens ready earlier, has you covered. Lab tested and golf course approved, we’ve been helping get golfers putting sooner for over 20 years. We’ve improved our Evergreen Radiant Turf Cover with the result that 25% more heat is radiated back into the turf.

Compare these features:
  • easy installation and removal in minutes
  • lightweight one piece construction
  • silver coating specially designed to allow air, water and sunlight to penetrate
  • promotes earlier and more rapid germination
  • designed exclusively for the turf industry
  • ten year warranty protects turf from frost damage

The Ice Shield is used for those certain applications where water will not run off therefore building up and forming ice as the temperature drops. Acting as a shield, the Ice Shield separates the damaging ice from the grass plant.

  • Six standard sizes ranging from 600 sq. ft. to 9,240 sq. ft.
  • Single piece construction.
  • Heated sealed seams.
  • Supplied with pegs and storage bag.
  • Clear in colour, allowing sun penetration.
  • Light in weight for easy installation and removal.
  • Strong, to give years of service.
  • Ice can easily be removed from the cover's surface.
  • UV stabilized for long life.
  • Now that the Evergreen Ice Shield is available, there is no need to take the chance of ice destroying your greens.

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    Questions and Answers

    1. Is Evergreen used for winter protection?

    Originally developed for winter protection, Evergreen performs with outstanding results. Once the cover is installed, the green is protected for the entire winter against wind desiccation, foot traffic and certain acts of vandalism; such is caused by cross-country skiers.

    2. Does Evergreen give quicker openings?

    In the early spring, the greenhouse effect begins to warm the soil resulting in earlier root establishment. The increased air temperature underneath the cover and in the soil gives a much earlier greening effect. Most reports received by winter users show quicker openings by 2 - 3 weeks. The revenue received in this period is very substantial for most courses.

    3. Does Evergreen increase soil temperature?

    Depending on geographical locations and times of year, Evergreen increases the soil temperature and air temperature under the cover by as much as 10°F.

    4. Does Evergreen reduce foot traffic?

    Once the cover is in place, people know ”The Green Is Closed”. The money saved in chemicals and labour in re-preparing the green for winter is substantial, let alone the savings in labour and down time to repair depressions left on the green by traffic. Courses located in areas with wildlife such as deer, geese, etc., have also reported savings in turf damage caused by animals and/or birds in eating or romping on the turf.

    5. Is Evergreen used only in Snow Belt areas?

    In severe winter conditions found in such areas as Canada and the Northern U.S. States, Evergreen is used from November to April. However, many areas such as Nevada, North Carolina and Texas experience winter-like conditions for much shorter periods of time. In these such areas, where courses are open year round, but are faced with periods of frost or drastic temperature change, Evergreen protects against frost and shock or can be used to re-establish turf after the damage has been done. The ease of installation allows for quicker response to changing conditions in order to protect the turf.

    5. Is Evergreen used only in Snow Belt areas?

    In severe winter conditions found in such areas as Canada and the Northern U.S. States, Evergreen is used from November to April. However, many areas such as Nevada, North Carolina and Texas experience winter-like conditions for much shorter periods of time. In these such areas, where courses are open year round, but are faced with periods of frost or drastic temperature change, Evergreen protects against frost and shock or can be used to re-establish turf after the damage has been done. The ease of installation allows for quicker response to changing conditions in order to protect the turf.

    6. Does Evergreen reduce ice damage?

    The covers’ shielding effect acts as a divider between the ice and the plant. Paper thin ice is normally broken up by the cover's flexible reaction to wind. When ice becomes thicker and remains for longer periods of time, many turf managers will break it up and shovel it off. The incredible strength of Evergreen allows the grounds keeper to work at removing the ice from resting on the cover. The non-absorbing characteristics are most important in the case of ice because the ice is on top of the cover and not in the cover. The greenhouse effect is also used to assist thawing any ice that may build up under the cover. Here again, ice under the cover should be broken up by hand if possible.

    7. How long does Evergreen take to install?

    A popular sized Evergreen cover, such as 72'x 90' (6,480 square feet) can be installed by 3 people in less than 20 minutes. The one piece concept and the light weight construction are characteristics designed for the turf manager to utilize little labour and time because Evergreen is installed for winter, at a time when most courses employ a reduced staff in the grounds maintenance department.

    8. Does Evergreen reduce snow mould?

    Greens protected with Evergreen have shown a reduction in the snow mould fungus. What little snow mould does appear repairs itself much quicker due to the more established root system. Note: Evergreen does not eliminate the need for chemicals and procedures generally used to protect against snow mould. However, the shielding effect of Evergreen aids in keeping the chemicals in the area of application, therefore giving better chemical performance.

    9. Is Evergreen used for new construction?

    Since 1985, Evergreen has been used throughout North America for new greens or field construction. In the case of golf courses, new construction could be an entire course an older established course re-building a green, tee or even a fairway. Many builders, designers or suppliers doing new construction now include or specify Evergreen as part of the project.

    10. Will grass grow through Evergreen?

    Even though Evergreen will allow sun, air and water penetration, it will not allow grass to penetrate. As grass is growing, the light weight fabric of the cover rises with the grass. For newly seeded projects, this is very important because the new grass will not be pulled out when the cover is removed.

    11. Does Evergreen give uniform growth?

    Because of the one piece system, consistent design and available sizes, establishment in the entire seeded area will be uniform. If the seed is consistently applied to a properly prepared surface, full coverage of the seeded area can be expected.

    12. Does Evergreen accelerate germination?

    It has been reported, as shown on the available video tape, that Evergreen can accelerate establishment to playing conditions by as much as four months. The greenhouse effect and the protecting qualities of Evergreen, will give germination within days. Once the seed has germinated, it is the decision of the turf manager (based on time of the year and existing weather conditions) to keep the cover down or remove it. Many users for new construction keep the covers down for as long as possible to insure protection and enhance establishment for the new grass. Courses with on site nurseries use Evergreen to insure they always have turf available for their own sodding purposes rather than purchasing sod from outside sources.

    13. Does Evergreen reduce seed loss?

    Acts of nature such as high winds, downpours, or birds which normally remove the new seed are greatly reduced, if not eliminated, when the seed is under an Evergreen cover.

    14. Does Evergreen save time and money with new seed?

    As the new seed is protected from loss through erosion, winds or birds, the take is much greater from the beginning. Most, if not all of the money spent in the past to prepare and reseed areas where the seed did not establish, can be saved in addition to getting players on the course sooner.

    15. What sizes are available?

    Evergreen is offered in six (6) standard sizes, which range in square footage to protect small trees or greens of approximately 9,000 sq.ft.
    • 12’x 50’ (600 sq. ft.)
    • 24’x 50’ (1200 sq. ft.)
    • 48’x 60’ (2,880 sq. ft.)
    • 60’x 90’ (5,400 sq. ft.)
    • 72’x 90’ (6,480 sq. ft.)
    • 84’x 110’ (9,240 sq. ft.)

    16. Are special sizes available?

    For applications which require unique sizes, Evergreen covers are available regardless of the square footage. The special size covers are becoming more in demand each year as greens are made larger or more shaped. In many cases, the small up charge for custom sizes works out cheaper for the end user because the cover is made closer to the required size rather than having a large cover on a small green. When measuring the area to be covered, it is important to note that either the length or width must be divisible by 10’ to conform with our material.

    17. How heavy is Evergreen?

    The basic fabric of Evergreen weighs less than 2 oz. per sq. yd. Full sized covers (72’x 90’) complete with anchoring pegs and storage pegs has a shipping weight of approximately 85 lbs. (approx. 2 oz./yd.). The Evergreen cover's weight remains the same throughout its lifespan due to the non-absorbent properties. The light weight feature of Evergreen also eliminates any smothering or flattening of the turf.

    18. Is Evergreen shipped with pegs?

    Each Evergreen cover, whether it be a standard size or a custom, comes complete with the appropriate number of pegs, i.e. 72’x 90’ cover includes approximately 200 pegs, which will secure the cover every 3’ around the perimeter and every 10’ up the seams. The pegs are 6” long, rust resistant, high quality steel and resemble the sod staple familiar to most superintendents.

    19. Is Evergreen shipped in a storage bag?

    Each Evergreen cover, whether it is a standard size or a custom size, comes complete with a storage bag. The storage bag is marked indicating the size of the cover and in the case of specials, will also indicate the green or tee number the cover belongs to. The protective storage bag is made from high quality woven and coated poly designed to give years of protection when the cover is being stored either inside or outside.

    20. How long will the Evergreen last?

    Evergreen turf covers have a 7-10 year pro-rated warranty, however, in information provided to us by distributors throughout North America, they are experiencing replacement business after 8 - 14 years of use. Evergreen EVS has a 3 year pro-rated warranty and lasts approximately 5 years. The number of years that the covers will last is directly related to geographical locations, the number of months per year in use, and in-house handling and storage procedures. To our knowledge, all covers sold to date have lasted in excess of the warranty periods.

    21. Is Evergreen easy to handle?

    Evergreen was designed for the turf industry taking into consideration weather conditions when the cover would be used, availability of labour, distances from the maintenance area to the area where the cover would be required, and the inconsistency of the ground surface. For these and other reasons, the Evergreen covers are very light, compact and complete (pegs and bag). The covers are even folded for shipping, to reduce labour when installing. The covers are also strong, so they do not have to be treated gently for fear of tearing. The one piece concept is a main area of user consideration. The cover is so easy to handle that it can be either installed or removed using few people in very little time, i.e. a full 18 hole course can install 19 covers (including a putting green) using 3-4 people in approximately 8 hours.

    22. Is Evergreen easy to store?

    All previously mentioned characteristics of Evergreen, such as UV treated, non-absorbent, compact, convenient bag, etc. eliminate the worries of storing the covers when not in use. The protective bag allows the cover to be stored outdoors if shed space is not available. Regardless if Evergreen is stored indoors or out, it does not require special attention such as climate control because Evergreen will not rot or create mould. With storage space at a premium, Evergreen was designed to utilize as little space as possible, i.e. 18 covers (72’x 90’) which equals 116,640 square feet can be put in an area approximately 10’ wide, 10’ long and 6’ high.

    23. When should Evergreen be used?

    This question will be broken down into the following categories:
    A. Full Winter Protection
    In areas that are affected by full winter conditions resulting in golf courses or athletic fields being closed until spring, Evergreen is usually put down in late November or early December. The covers are left down until late March or early April. These dates can vary with the weather, however once the turf has gone dormant but before the ground freezes, Evergreen can be installed.
    B. Partial Winter Protection
    In areas which experience temporary winter conditions lasting short periods of time, Evergreen should be applied just before these foul weather conditions begin, i.e. if there is a sudden drop in temperature causing frost. Evergreen should be applied just prior and remain down until the temperature begins to rise to somewhat normal conditions.
    C. New Seeding
    Regardless of location or weather conditions when seeding, Evergreen should be put down just after the seed has been planted. This will eliminate the risk of seed loss through erosion or birds while speeding up the germination process. It is a judgement call as to how long the covers will remain down. We have found the majority of users for this application keep the covers down until the new grass is well established and uniform throughout the seeded area. Depending on climatic conditions at the time of seeding, Evergreen could be down for less than a week or for the entire winter when the seeding takes place in the late fall in the Northern regions.

    24. When should Evergreen be ordered?

    When using Evergreen for specific jobs such as winter protection or re-seeding, the covers should be ordered no less than four (4) weeks prior to the estimated time of use. This will insure the covers will be there when they are required. It also gives a brief period of comfort just in case Mother Nature or work crews are not complying with the scheduled dates. Acting as an insurance policy – EVERGREEN SHOULD BE ORDERED ANYTIME. Having Evergreen covers on hand at all times is a very inexpensive way to protect against lost greens, lost playing time and ultimately lost profits.

    25. Is Evergreen environmentally friendly?

    One of the contributing factors to the unparalleled success of Evergreen has been its positive impact on environmentally concerned superintendents and turf managers. Evergreen is the only proven turf cover on the market which is environmentally friendly. Throughout the world, the types of chemicals and pesticides used on recreational turf such as golf courses and athletic fields are under continual scrutiny from government bodies and environmental lobbyists. Evergreen is used in many applications to keep applied chemicals in place to combat either evaporation or run off into nearby bodies of water. The non-absorbing qualities of Evergreen reduce chemicals adhering to the cover and hence reduce the risk of grounds personnel being injured when handling the cover.
    A. Reduce
    Due to the durability of Evergreen (up to 10 years use), the amount of material that has to be discarded over time is 1/4 to 1/3 of other covers.
    B. Reuse
    Evergreen does it all!!! The multi-purpose aspect of Evergreen will allow it to be used for winter protection, spring enhancement, new course construction and course remodelling. There is no need to purchase two or more types of covers for the course. Many Evergreen covers are purchased for new course construction to accelerate germination and then remain with the course to give years of service in winter protection. As the years progress in the use of an Evergreen cover, certain areas of the cover could get damaged by misuse, vandalism, mishandling or simply wearing out. Usually when this occurs, the cover is trimmed and then reapplied to a smaller green or tee box to give more years of service. For example, a cover originally 84’x 110’ to be used on green #4 after 6 years could be trimmed to 62’x 85’ which could fit green #16 where its original cover is being used on #10 tee box. No other cover on the market is able to be trimmed or cut and then reused with the same performance as if it were new.
    C. Recycle
    Due to the porosity of the Evergreen cover, with a 0% absorption rate, the Evergreen cover is perfect for a soil separator in sand traps, cart paths or lining flower beds. This is phenomenal, in that a cover purchased for pennies per square foot can give up to 10 years service in protecting and enhancing golf greens and then have further benefit to the golf course. As can be seen, very little of the cover ever need be thrown away.

    26. Where is Evergreen manufactured?

    Evergreen is manufactured by Hinspergers Poly Industries in locations in central and eastern Canada.

    27. How can Evergreen be purchased?

    Evergreen is sold by ALLTURF LTD. Contact us today for more information.