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Diversified distributor of golf course management products and services in Ontario.

Allturf has more than 30 years of experience supplying golf courses, municipalities, sod farms, and driving ranges. We provide a wide range of high quality products along with our team of professional and knowledgeable sales representatives who are always ready to provide technical expertise.The result of choosing Allturf? The best turf day in and day out, all season long. No interruptions. No lost playability. Period. Allturf is committed to conducting business in a socially responsible and ethical manner: protecting the environment and the safety of people. 

Allturf fosters the development and adoption of IPM, a science-based approach to managing pests in ways that generate economic, environmental, and human health benefits. We work in partnership with golf course stakeholders to identify and address regional priorities for research, education, and outreach.

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