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Looking for start-up or patch seed. We offer highly fertile, professional-grade seed in bulk for any application.

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Seed Blends

Seed blends are the gold standard to ensure a healthy and hardy turf that will thrive under a wide range of conditions. See our list of specialty blends.

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Bluegrass is a general purpose turfgrass used on lawns, parks, athletic fields, and golf course roughs and fairways.

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A very versatile grass, ryegrass can be used on its own, but is more often used in seeding mixtures with other grasses.

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An excellent low-maintenance turfgrass. Ideal for golf course roughs with its deep root system, fescue boasts superior wear, drought, and shade tolerance

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With their rich colour, thick density and low growing habit, bentgrasses are the luxury grasses of the cool season grasses.

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