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We offer a large assortment of products to help with water management.

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REVOLUTION is the only soil surfactant to balance air and water on the surface and in the rootzone under wet or dry conditions. Revolution is an important part of an effective turf management program, helping to produce healthy, uniform playing surfaces throughout the season under wet or dry conditions.

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Dispatch is a patented water-saving soil surfactant technology from Aquatrols. By improving the penetration and infiltration of water into soil, Dispatch maximizes irrigation efficiency and reduces the amount of water lost to runoff or evaporation. It overcomes the natural forces of soil water repellency, allowing turf managers to grow healthy turf at reduced irrigation levels. When used over the course of a season, Dispatch has proven to reduce water usage by up to 25% on cool-season grasses and up to 50% and warm-season grasses.

To learn more about Dispatch click the following: Tech Sheet


Vivax is a combination of new surfactant technologies designed to manage water across a wide range of soil and turf types, making it ideal for use on golf courses and sports turf

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Cascade is a combination of nonionic surfactants that hydrate the soil and penetrate to provide deeper, more uniform water infiltration, Cascade Plus™ is used to prevent localized dry spot (LDS), correct hydrophobic soil conditions and provide firmer, faster playing surfaces under all conditions..

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Duplex combines penetrants with a buffering agent that neutralizes hard water ions. Duplex improves the infiltration of rainfall or irrigation through thatch, moving water, plant protectants or nutrients into the soil solution.

To learn more about Duplex Granular click the following: Tech Sheet

Border 2.0

Border 2.0 is a concentrated liquid adjuvant for spray droplet management. It enhances the performance of spray applications by modifying the physical characteristics of the spray droplet, improving droplet retention while reducing off-target movement.

To learn more about Border 2.0 click the following: Tech Sheet


Sixteen90 is a proven soil surfactant chemistry specifically formulated to give you outstanding water management performance, with built-in flexibility to best fit your course’s unique challenges and your turf management practices.

To learn more about Sixteen90 click the following: Tech Sheet

Primer 6O4

Primer 6O4 is a high-performance soil surfactant designed to be used monthly as the foundation for an effective rootzone management program. This soil surfactant is specifically formulated to establish uniform downward and lateral flow of water and/or solute in the soil profile.

To learn more about Primer 6O4 click the following: Tech Sheet

Respond 3

Respond 3 is a concentrated wetting and penetrating agent for turfgrass. It consists of a three-way blend of soil surfactants formulated on a greens grade carrier.

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