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Posterity® is a next generation SDHI, FRAC Group 7, engineered for power and endurance. It’s labeled for all golf course turf and fits in agronomic solutions by providing up to 28 days of Dollar Spot and Microdochium Patch control. Posterity fungicide represents the latest advancement in SDHI technology offering disease protection in all growing seasons, holding strong under high pressure. Read more.


Label SDS

Label & SDS Summary

Active Ingredient: Pydiflumetofen

Approved Province(s):

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan

Approved Uses:

Greenhouse Cucumbers, Greenhouse Ornamentals, Ornamentals, Outdoors, Turfgrass

Product Benefits
  • Targets pathogens for increased performance
  • Holds strong under high pressure
  • Provides up to 28 days dollar spot & Microdochium patch control
Mode of Action

Posterity® controls turf diseases by blocking respiration. The inhibition of respiration stops spore germination and mycelial growth.

Mode of Action: Respiration inhibitor

Class of Chemistry

Pydiflumetofen, the active ingredient in Posterity®, is a systemic fungicide designed to remain in the plant longer where it holds strong even under high pressure. Increased performance and rainfastness is derived through an increased affinity for the waxy layer of the turfgrass plant. Posterity binds strongly to complex II enzymes in target pathogens for increased performance.

FRAC Group: 7


Turf Safety:

Posterity delivers 0.5 - 2 grams of active ingredient per 100m2 allowing for reduced evironmental loading without comprimising efficacy.

Do not use silicone based products with POSTERITY Fungicide due to possible phytotoxicity.

For Control Of:

  • Dollar Spot
  • Microdochium Patch

Case Size: 2 x 3.1 L jugs

Case Coverage: 6.2 – 24.8 ha (15 - 61 acres)

Application Information

Use Rates:

  • Dollar Spot – 2.5 - 5mL / 100m2
  • Microdochium Patch – 5 - 10mL / 100m2

Water Volume:

2.0 - 8.0 L water / 100m2

Application Information:

Begin applications when conditions are favourable for disease infection and prior to disease symptom expression.

Apply after mowing.

Posterity® is formulated to inhibit respiration. Posterity® stops spore germination and mycelial growth while providing long-lasting protection. Its mode of action provides improved efficacy and endurance, without sacrificing spectrum.

Use AI (air induction), XR (extended range) or Syngenta XC (extra coverage) Nozzles.

Mixing Order:

  1. Fill half of the required water volume in the spray tank, and begin agitation.
  2. Follow the www.WALES mixing sequence for all tank mixes.
  3. Add the required amount of POSTERITY Fungicide to the tank and allow time for the product to disperse.
  4. Finish filling the tank to the desired volume to obtain the proper spray concentration. Maintain agitation throughout the spraying operation.

Use Restrictions:

  • For best control, use as a component of an integrated disease management program.
  • DO NOT apply more than four applications for dollar spot
  • DO NOT apply more than two applications for microdochium patch
  • Apply after mowing or allow spray to completely dry before mowing.
  • Allow sprayed area to completely dry before irrigation.
  • DO NOT apply more than 20 mL product/100 m2/year (2000 mL product/ha/year; 400 g ai/ha/year) on turfgrass.
  • DO NOT apply more than 2 consecutive applications before switching to a non-Group 7 fungicide.
  • Follow all precautions, restrictions and directions on the labels of fungicide products used in an alternation program.
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