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CIVITAS™ treats disease and works to prevent diseases from taking hold in the first place with no known resistance risk. CIVITAS helps turf become healthier and therefore less prone to stress. Use CIVITAS in a preventative program to optimize playing conditions. CIVITAS contains Mineral Oil at a guarantee of 815 g/L. Read more.


Label & SDS Summary

Active Ingredient: Mineral Oil

Approved Province(s):

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan

Approved Uses:


Product Benefits
  • CIVITAS is a broad spectrum fungicide for use on golf course turf.
  • CIVITAS is a synthetic isoparaffin, that will not harm the plant.
  • CIVITAS is compatible with most commonly used fungicides, foliar fertilizers and PRIMO.
Mode of Action

CIVITAS utilizes a novel mode of action called Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR). It is a plant defense activator that that turns on the natural defenses of the turfgrass plant to fight off fungus.

Class of Chemistry

CIVITAS is a broad spectrum fungicide containing 98% mineral oil for use on golf course turf. CIVITAS is used as a preventative treatment with curative properties recommended for the control of many important diseases on turf.

FRAC Group: N/A


Turf Safety:

CIVITAS’ synthetic isoparaffins are not the same as conventional mineral oils. Conventional mineral oils can burn turf and are derived from crude oil using mild conversion and/or conventional separation processes designed to isolate acceptable molecules from unacceptable ones. The original molecules found in crude oils are not modified to any great extent. Compositionally, conventional mineral oils are a complex mixture of countless different molecular types that can include those found in gasoline’s and crankcase oils. Some of these molecules are exceptional solvents that can easily penetrate through plant cell membranes, causing cell mortality which results in phytotoxicity.

Conversely, synthetic isoparaffins, due to their purity, will not harm the plant, but will instead help induce the response required to allow the plant to protect itself. There is a dramatic difference between conventional mineral oils and CIVITAS’ synthetic isoparaffins.

For Control Of:

  • Pink and Grey Snow Mould
  • Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia homoeocarpa)
  • Suppression of Spring Leaf Spot (Drechslera poae)

Case Size: 20 L Pail plus 1.25 L Harmonizer

Case Coverage: 0.4 - 0.8 ha (1 - 2 acres)

Application Information

Use Rates:

The CIVITAS label identifies approved application rates of 250 - 500 mL / 100m2 of CIVITAS. The ratio of CIVITAS to HARMONIZER is 16:1. Recommended rates for greens are 250 mL / 100m2 and for fairways, recommended rates are 500 mL / 100m2. To make it easy, one CIVITAS pail (20 L) and one bottle of HARMONIZER (1.25 L) is a recommended ratio for mixing.

Water Volume:

4 - 20 L water / 100m2

Application Information:

CIVITAS is a systemic fungicide and needs to be applied while the plant still metabolizing and has the ability to take CIVITAS into the plant via the xylem and phloem. Once taken in by the plant, CIVITAS primes the plant to defend against disease. All applications should be made prior to the plant going dormant.

Mixing Order:

Use only in equipment with sufficient agitation to keep spray thoroughly mixed. Provide sufficient agitation during mixing and application to maintain a uniform emulsion. Be sure tank is clean. With agitator running, start filling tank with water; add CIVITAS when tank is about 1/2 full. If this mixture turns white, it indicates good emulsification.

Follow the www.WALES mixing sequence for all tank mixes. As a Solution (SN), Civitas is typically the last product added to the spray tank.

Use Restrictions:

  • Do not apply more than 7 L / 100m2 / year.