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EXTERIS STRESSGARD® is a new fungicide in the SDHI class of chemistry that is combined with trifloxystrobin to provide long-lasting, preventative and curative control of foliar turf diseases including dollar spot, brown patch, and leaf spot. The unique formulation delivers enhanced plant health benefits along with improved turf quality. The flexibility of Exteris Stressgard allows for applications throughout the year and under a wide variety of environmental conditions. Read more.


Label SDS
Product Overview

Provides long-lasting preventative and curative control of foliar turf diseases including dollar spot, anthracnose, brown patch, and leaf spot.

Key Features

• Broad-spectrum disease control – dollar spot, anthracnose, brown patch, leaf spot.
• Program flexibility for greens, tees and fairways.
• Enhanced turf quality and plant health benefits associated with Stressgard Formulation Technology.
• Quick dry time and absorption.
• Fast curative activity across range of spray volumes.
• Dew mitigation properties.

Application Rates

Apply Exteris Stressgard when conditions are favourable for disease as part of an integrated management program on greens, tees and fairways. Exteris Stressgard can be combined with Signature XTRA Stressgard in an anthracnose management program for enhanced turf quality.

Best Practices

• Preventative and fast curative activity.
• Controls DMI resistant dollar spot.
• Can be used for summer dollar spot, anthracnose and brown patch control without negative growth regulating effects.
• Promotes plant health throughout the summer disease season.

Application rates and delivery

// Active Ingredients fluopyram (12.5 g/L) + trifloxystrobin (12.5 g/L)
// FRAC Code 7 + 11 (SDHI + QoI)
// Systemicity acropetal
// Formulation suspension concentrate
// Signal Word caution

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