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Ference® (Insecticide)

Ference® insecticide is targeted to control all larval stages (one through five) of Annual Bluegrass Weevil (ABW). Ference contains the active ingredient, cyantraniliprole, which offers an innovative technology to superintendents with an effective and flexible control option for ABW. Ference also manages a broad-spectrum of other insect pests.


Label SDS

Label & SDS Summary

Active Ingredient: Cyantraniliprole

Approved Province(s):

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan

Approved Uses:

Ornamental plants, Ornamental Plants in greenhouse, Turf, On Golf Courses, Turfgrass

Product Benefits
  • Systemic control of ABW at all larval stages (1st - 5th instar).
  • Ference stops turf-feeding damage within minutes after ingestion; larvae die within hours to days depending on insect life stages and species.
  • Manages a broad-spectrum of insect pests including: billbugs, European crane flies, white grubs, turf caterpillars and suppression of chinch bugs.
Mode of Action

Cyantraniliprole is a second generation active ingredient from the anthranilic diamide class of chemistry. This class was inspired by research into the insecticidal properties of ryanodine, a natural substance found in the bark of trees and shrubs of the genus Ryania.

Cyantraniliprole acts through ingestion and contact activity. Ference®stops larvae turf-feeding damage within minutes after ingestion; larvae die within hours to days depending on insect life stage and species. Cyantraniliprole is a synthetic compound that affects the ryanodine receptors in the insect muscle fiber.

Mode of Action: Ryanodine receptor modulator

Class of Chemistry

FERENCE® Insecticide is a broad spectrum suspension concentrate containing Cyantraniliprole at 200 grams per Litre. Ference may be applied for insect control and suppression on turf (golf courses and sod farms only), greenhouse and outdoor ornamentals.

IRAC Group: 28


Turf Safety:

Ference stops turf-feeding damage within minutes after ingestion; larvae die within hours to days depending on insect life stages and species. Ference improves control of asynchronous ABW populations, which have multiple life stages present at the same time.

For Control Of:

  • Annual Bluegrass Weevil
  • Bluegrass Billbug
  • Black Cutworm (suppression)
  • European Chafer Larvae (suppression)
  • European Crane Fly Larvae
  • Japanese Beetle Larvae (suppression)
  • June Beetle Larvae (suppression)
  • Chinch Bug (suppression)
  • Fall Armyworm (suppression)

Case Size: 4 x 1.89 L jugs

Case Coverage: 5.2 - 12.9 ha (12.8 - 31.9 acres)

Application Information

Use Rates:

Annual Bluegrass Weevil: 8.77 - 14.62 mL / 100m2

For preventive control of annual bluegrass weevils, apply Ference Insecticide when early instar larvae are hatching and penetrating into the turfgrass sheaths.

For curative control of summer annual bluegrass weevils, Ference Insecticide can be applied to any asynchronous larval stage.

Applications at higher rates may be required to control late instar larvae.

Use Ference Insecticide as part of a season-long program to prevent turf damage from overwintering and following generations of annual bluegrass weevil larvae. Consult your local Syngenta representative, extension specialist or pest control advisor for the latest information on using Ference Insecticide to control annual bluegrass weevil larvae.

Bluegrass Billbug: 5.85 - 11.69 mL / 100m2

Apply Ference Insecticide when overwintered adult billbugs are first observed. Applications at higher rates may be required in late spring.

European Crane Fly Larvae: 5.85 - 11.69mL / 100m2

Apply Ference Insecticide between midsummer and fall to control the fall generation of European crane fly larvae in turfgrass. Application at higher rates may be required to achieve European crane fly control when fall applications are made.

Japanese Beetle Larvae*: 5.85 - 11.69 mL / 100m2

June Beetle Larvae*: 5.85 - 11.69 mL/ 100m2

European Chafer Larvae*: 5.85 - 11.69 mL/ 100m2

Apply Ference Insecticide for preventative and early curative suppression of larvae of European chafer, Japanese beetle and June beetle. For optimum control, treat from peak adult flight through peak egg hatch of the primary beetle species targeted. The need for an application may be based on historical monitoring of the site, previous records or experiences, current season adult trapping or other methods. Application at higher rates may be required for curative suppression when less sensitive mid-instar larvae are present. Irrigate turf immediately after application or allow rainfall to move the product into the soil.

Black Cutworm*: 5.85 - 8.75mL / 100m2

Fall Armyworm*: 5.85 - 8.75mL / 100m2

Ference Insecticide will provide curative and residual fall armyworm and black cutworm suppression in turfgrass. To ensure optimum control, delay watering (irrigation) or mowing for 24 hours after application.

When the area being treated is maintained at a mowing height of greater than 2.5 cm, application at higher rates may be required during periods of high pest pressure. FERENCE Insecticide provides long term residual suppression of fall armyworm and black cutworm and the duration of control increases with the application rate. For golf course green, tee and fairway applications, extend the treatment one boom length around the perimeter of the treated area to minimize subsequent movement of large fall armyworms and black cutworms onto the treated area.

Chinch Bug*: 14.62 mL / 100m2

For suppression of chinch bugs, apply Ference Insecticide before eggs hatch.

Water Volume:

Apply Ference Insecticide in a minimum finished spray volume of (4 to 16 L/100 m²) by ground.

Application Information:

See specific recommendations based on pest above.

Read and follow all tank mix partner labels and observe the most stringent label restrictions, precautions and instructions for each tank mixture.

Mixing Order:

  1. Ensure that the sprayer interior is clean, then fill the spray tank with ½ the required amount of water and engage gentle agitation. Good agitation is indicated by a rippling or rolling action on the surface of the water.
  2. Add Ference Insecticide and agitate to ensure complete mixing.
  3. Finish filling the sprayer with water, maintaining good agitation.
  4. After any break in spraying operations, agitate thoroughly before spraying again.
  5. Spray the pesticide suspension the same day as mixing.

Use Restrictions:

  • For golf courses, DO NOT enter or allow entry into treated areas until sprays have dried.
  • Avoid inhalation of vapours/dust and spray mist, and working in spray mist.
  • Apply only when the potential for drift to areas of human habitation and human activity (other than golf courses) such as houses, cottages, schools, recreational areas including parks and playing fields is minimal. Take into consideration wind speed, wind direction, temperature inversions, application equipment, and sprayer settings.
  • Not for use on other residential turf sites including residential lawns, gardens, playing fields, cemeteries, and schools.
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