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The Air Force Hover Mower was designed based on a simple manufacturing principle. When you use the best materials, the most advanced engineering, and manufacturing techniques available, the product is the best on the market. That is what makes Air Force Hover Mowers fly above the competition. Air Force offers the most blade options on the market, including the newly patented steel blade option, and is backed by the manufacturer by a one-year limited warranty. In addition, Air Force Hover Mowers not only maximize the value of your investment in your equipment, it also efficiently maximizes the time and effort put into your turf care needs.

The industry standard Honda GCV-160 4-stroke engine power Air Force Hover Mowers, specifically designed for continuous inclined operation. Honda’s Dual Lube dipper-and-cam-belt oil transport system maintains positive lubrication on the most demanding slopes. A high-performance fuel pump ensures constant fuel delivery regardless of degree of incline.

  1. Padded handles for comfort.
  2. Positive pressure grip keeps OPC locked in place.
  3. 53″ handle for maximum reach.
  4. Heavy gauge steel handles.
  5. 7-point engine mount with steel insert reinforcement.
  6. Extra thick handle mounts are set low & wide for better stability.
  7. ABS-injected molded plastic deck (coasted for UV & chemical resistance).
  8. 14″ impeller – taller for increased lift.

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