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Belchim Turf Protection Canada develops, registers, and markets protection, nutritional, and management products for agricultural crops, turf & golf courses, industrial vegetation management, and forestry across Canada. They work closely with end-users and supply partners to evaluate market needs, and to provide cost-effective products that offer superior performance.

PHOSTROL ® is an extremely systemic phosphite fungicide and unique Plant Defense Activator labelled for the control of Anthracnose and Pythium blight. With both direct and indirect modes of action, Phostrol provides an effective, convenient and flexible tool for the management of these diseases. An unconventional Schedule 11 fungicide, Phostrol also fits into an environmentally friendly disease management program. Read more.
RENOVO is the only FRAC Group 1 fungicide available for use in the Canadian turf market making it an indispensable rotational partner. A broad-spectrum, systemic fungicide that provides control of Dollar Spot, Pink Snow and other tough turf diseases, Renovo offers a key active ingredient to help mitigate fungicide resistance issues as we transition to a future without FRAC Group 2 (Iprodione). Read more.
THE FAIRWAY SNAKE is a tool engineered specially for the quick and easy removal of dew from fairways. The Fairway Snake’s weighted core and braided shell provide strength and flexibility. While the spinning end-unit attachments ensure its gentle on turf as it quickly and effortless cleans fairways in a single pass. Built to work and built to last. Read more.
MUNGER VINEGAR liquid herbicide for non-selective vegetation control in and around garden, established trees and shrubs, sidewalks, driveways, patio, non-crop areas, right-of way and industrial land sites. Leaves no harmful residue in the soil. Read more.
DISARM is a FRAC Group 11 fungicide that gives you protection on all fronts: rapid foliar and root uptake, rainfast within 15 minutes providing quick and effective disease control. It’s xylem and translaminar mobility allow for even distribution. A cost effective, broad spectrum strobilurin, Disarm is labelled for the control of major turf diseases including Anthracnose, Take-All patch, Snow Mould and even Dollar Spot! Read more.
QuickSilver Herbicide provides efficacious control of Silvery thread moss in turfgrass. The active ingredient, Carfentrazone-ethyl, has a contact mode of action providing fast visible symptoms with minimal residual resulting in short reseed intervals (24 hours). Read more.
KABUTO is a cost effective FRAC Group 7 fungicide for the control of Dollar Spot containing the active ingredient Isofetamid. Kabuto, being a next generation SDHI fungicide, can control Dollar spot isolates that have become resistant to older SDHI fungicides. Read more.
SEGWAY is a highly effective fungicide for control of Pythium blight, Pythium root dysfunction and Pythium damping off and the only FRAC Group 21 fungicide registered in Canada. Segway is considered the standard in Pythium control thanks to its ability to control all stages of Pythium disease development (preventative and curative activity). Read more.

PENTHION turf fungicide provides the broadest spectrum of control of any sdhi in the Canadian gold market, A distinctive SDHI that controls Anthracnose, Dollar Spot, Brown patch and more. Read more.

POLARO is a 2-way snow mould combination product. An extensively researched and unique snow mould solution developed and proven to handle winters in Canada.

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