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ACELEPRYN™ is an entirely new insecticide class with a novel mode of action. A single application offers superior control of Cutworms, European Chafer larvae, Japanese Beetle larvae and Annual Bluegrass Weevil. Acelepryn combines this performance with the lowest water solubility of any grub control product and has an excellent environmental and toxicological profile. Acelepryn contains Chlorantraniliprole at a guarantee rate of 200 g/L. Read more.
BANNER® MAXX is the industry standard broad spectrum systemic fungicide. With low rates, and a long residual, Banner Maxx is a key component of your summer disease strategy. Banner Maxx contains propiconazole at a guarantee rate of 156 g/L. It is an excellent rotational partner, has the most diseases registered on the label and is tank-mix compatible with all Syngenta products. Read more.
CIVITAS™ treats disease and works to prevent diseases from taking hold in the first place with no known resistance risk. CIVITAS helps turf become healthier and therefore less prone to stress. Use CIVITAS in a preventative program to optimize playing conditions. CIVITAS contains Mineral Oil at a guarantee of 815 g/L. Read more.

Posterity® is a next generation SDHI, FRAC Group 7, engineered for power and endurance. It’s labeled for all golf course turf and fits in agronomic solutions by providing up to 28 days of Dollar Spot and Microdochium Patch control. Posterity fungicide represents the latest advancement in SDHI technology offering disease protection in all growing seasons, holding strong under high pressure. Read more.
DACONIL® 2787 offers proven and reliable broad spectrum disease control. Daconil 2787 is a liquid formulation containing Chlorothalonil at a guarantee rate of 500 g/L and has a built-in surfactant, adjuvant and compatibility system called WeatherStik®. WeatherStik technology provides extended protection, even after heavy rains or irrigation. Read more.
HERITAGE MAXX® provides long lasting and fast acting disease control. Heritage Maxx lasts up to 28 days against a broad spectrum of diseases. It continues to be the only systemic xylem mobile strobilurin that is translocated upward through roots, crown, stems, and leaves, protecting the entire plant. Heritage Maxx contains Azoxystrobin at a guarantee rate of 95 g/L. Read more.
INSTRATA® has all the assurance you need. Superior to standard tank-mix products with multiple modes of action, Instrata is the industry standard for control of pink and grey snow mould. Containing three active ingredients in addition to WeatherStik®, Instrata is a unique Syngenta formulation called a Suspomicroemulsion. Instrata contains Propiconazole at a guarantee rate of 57g/L, Fludioxonil at a guarantee rate of 14.5 g/L and Chlorothalonil at a guarantee rate of 362 g/L. Read more.
INSTRATA® II combines the forces of two powerful active ingredients, Solatenol™ and fludioxinil. Solatenol assimilates into the plants via translaminar movement, strongly binding to the plant’s cuticular wax, and slowly penetrating into the tissue. Solatenol also exhibits upward movement within grass plants, giving protection from snow mould from the inside out throughout the winter season. Instrata II couples solatenol with fludioxinil, a protectant, contact fungicide which inhibits fungal spore germination and stops mycelial growth. It is the same active ingredient contained in Medallion® fungicide. Read more.
MEDALLION® offers a new and exciting opportunity to provide outstanding high levels of disease control and exceptional long-lasting results from a modern bio-inspired fungicide that offers innovative Contact+ activity. Fast acting MEDALLION, utilizing Contact+ activity, targets turf disease pathogens on the leaf, in the thatch and at the soil surface, offering a valuable opportunity to clean up disease and proven to give long-lasting protection in the cooler months from late autumn to early spring. Contact+ activity works to tackle disease with the fast knockdown of pathogens on the leaf, in the thatch and at the soil surface. This utilizes the outstanding fungicidal activity of fludioxonil with maximum efficiency. Research has demonstrated that MEDALLION targets turf disease pathogens present on the leaf, and in the thatch and soil surface. Targeting pathogens in the thatch knocks down spore numbers and reduces disease pressure. Read more.
PRIMO MAXX® is a unique management tool that allows golf course superintendents to manage clipping yields while elevating turf to a new level of playability. Primo Maxx helps develop a stronger root system and a thicker more compact turf canopy. Primo Maxx contains Trinexapac-ethyl at a guarantee rate of 11.30%. Read more.
SECURE® fungicide is a multi-site contact fungicide, in a unique chemical class, for golf courses. It contains the active ingredient, fluazinam, and is the only registered fungicide for turf in FRAC group 29. It has no known resistance and as a multi-site contact, it has very low risk of developing resistance. Read more.
SUBDUE MAXX® controls Pythium Root Rot, Pythium Blight, and Pythium Damping-off. It’s long residual activity of up to 21 days combined with a low cost per 100m2 allow it to provide outstanding Pythium control for all seasons. Subdue Maxx contains Metalaxyl-m and s isomer at a guarantee rate of 240 g/L. Read more.
VELISTA® fungicide is the broadest spectrum SDHI labeled for anthracnose in the golf market. Spring and fall are ideal seasons to clean up greens, tees and fairways. In addition to controlling anthracnose, Velista™ also protects against dollar spot, brown patch and more. When used in rotation or in combination with other fungicides, Velista™ delivers excellent control of summer stress diseases on greens when temperatures rise. Read more.
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