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Nufarm is an Australian agricultural chemical company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Established in 1956, the company was founded by Max Fremder.

Affirm WDGAffirm WDG® A non- conventional fungicide for the control or suppression of various fungal diseases in Turf and Outdoor-grown Oranmentals. Read more.
ArenaArena® insecticide is a valuable tool for broad-spectrum insect control in turf. Arena delivers superior, consistent, season-long control of a broad range of insect pests. With preventative and curative activity, Arena provides long residual grub control to save time, money and labour required with multiple application products. Read more.
PinpointNew Pinpoint™ fungicide contains a new active ingredient to deliver outstanding early-season and late-season control of dollar spot. Pinpoint provides superintendents and turf management professionals with an excellent fungicide rotation partner to optimize disease management stewardship. Pinpoint’s unique and targeted active ingredient has been proven in university performance trials and delivers outstanding control of dollar spot, take-all patch fairy ring, and brown patch to help ensure a clean field of play. Read more.
TourneyTourney® fungicide delivers a new generation of broad-spectrum disease control for exceptional turf quality while reducing the overall environmental load. The active ingredient, metconazole, is one of the most active and has the lowest use rate, compared to other demethylation inhibitor (DMI) fungicides. Read more.
Velocity SPVelocity SP herbicide is the best way to convert Poa-infested turf back to creeping bentgrass. A post-emergent herbicide, Velocity SP gives golf course superintendents an effective way to make a gradual transition from annual bluegrass infested turf to pure stands of creeping bentgrass. In addition, Velocity SP provides secondary benefits by suppressing dollar spot and controlling other pesky broadleaf weeds. Read more.

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