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Canada Dethrones Mexico in World Cup Qualifier

Canada moves into 1st place in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying round after 2-1 win over Mexico

Cyle Larin scores 2 goals for Canada

It was a cold defeat for Mexico as they left Edmonton last night after a 2-1 loss to Canada in -10 degree weather.

With 44,212 people in attendance, reports of Canadian fans claimed that their beers were literally freezing. It is not hard to imagine that team Canada would have an advantage playing in this climate, with some fans bringing in to question the possibility that "some Mexican players may have never seen snow before".

Frozen beers among the snow covered stands at Commonwealth Stadium

Conditions were icy with the frozen field playing fast and slick. Despite the conditions, both teams came out with a fiery start. The match was fast paced with an air of excitement and fog coming off the breath of the players. The speedy conditions seemed to favour Canada who have a particularly fast team; however team Mexico had the skill and ability to dangerously cross the ball proving to be a major threat. 

The first half came to an end with a roaring crowd as Canadian striker Cyle Larin scored off of a beautiful rebound opportunity to put Canada up 1-0. It wasn't long until Larin would score again to put Canada up 2-0 with 40 minutes to go. Despite the two goal lead, the game was still very much up in the air. It was only a matter of time before Mexico would connect on one of their 20+ crosses and score in the 90th minute.

The following 8 minutes of stoppage time could only be described as a nail biter; with Mexico coming down on Canada with a fiery offence and several scoring chances. In the end, Canada was able to hold off Mexico, eating them for the first time in 21 years with a 2-1 victory and moving into first place for the World Cup Qualifier in the CONCAF division.

With 6 matches to go, Canada will play 2 more games at home this winter, the first on January 30th against team USA and the second on March 27th against Jamaica.

This should be an interesting bracket to watch as Canada sets their sites on qualifying for the World Cup for their first time since 1986.

Go Canada Go!